Summer school is winding down. We have done a lot of things in the last 4 weeks.
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This summer I am going to go swimming
Tuesday morning I will be presenting all of the resources we have available to our staff at one of our first staff meetings.  I am very excited about this as this is the first time I've been given a whole meeting to share all the cool things our district/school offers our staff.  I'm going to be covering on online catalog which is nicknamed PANDA and how to access from home and make their own lists for me to pull for them.  I'm also going to be covering all of the databases we offer.  Three of them are brand new to the district as we went with Gale this time, and bought World Book Kids online.  I'm already in love with this database.  We also have the Gale power search which is equitable to an EBSCO search. The coolest features Gale is offering with their Discover database is having the article read to the student- great for those kids with reading difficulties and English learners.  It also allows them to choose a new language, make their own research file where they can bookmark their own research, and a timeline creator. We also have Culture Grams, a great database for learning about countries.  I love to let the kids choose a country and watch the slide show of it, and it's great for writing a 5 paragraph paper when you use the side bar boxes as paragraph ideas.  We have Discovery- which we all know is an incredible resource offering thousands of videos and quizzes.  Among others are Nettrecker with teacher reviewed websites, and Atomic Learning with it's online tutorials to show teachers how to use about anything they could want from Audacity, to Voicethreads.  Our school also subscribes to Brainpop, Enchanted Learning, and just purchased.... drumroll here.... Tumblebooks.  This resource is AWESOME!!! Kids can read online storybooks, take quizzes, play games based on the books, and even record themselves reading the stories (among other cool features) Gotta love it!

I also plan to share with the staff the highlights of our professional section, and not to be left out, my delicious page which has over 1600 bookmarks on every topic they could ever want to cover.  Lastly I'm going to show them a quick video of all the library has to offer them and examples of how I can collaborate with them.

How I am going to squeeze it all into a half hour or so meeting I don't know- but I've gotta say I'm GIDDY about the opportunity to hopefully get some of my fellow staff members as excited about the resources and HOW they can be used as I am!!!

I will be using these resources for the presentation.   First a Prezi which is my basic outline of what I'm covering.  Here is the link to the Prezi:  In another window I will be using a Jog the Web track that has all of the sites preloaded and in the correct order. The link to that is here:  The last thing I will be sharing is a video about our library.
Now the hardest part.... waiting for Tuesday morning to get here!!

After several attempts to load the video of the highlights of the wedding, I decided to put it into youtube and then post it in facebook, and here on my blog as well.  So hopefully this will work.


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