Last week, our library Coordinator, Carol Kohnen presented our new library curriculum to the board of education.  Several of the librarians in the district went to support her as she gave her 20 minute presentation, which concluded with a five minute video which features students and librarians sharing about what the new curriculum encompasses.  It is built on AASL's four pillars, only simplified for our use. We also pulled out the brand new GLE's (in draft) for our state, and the NETS standards as well.  Our four main strands are under the acronym: FUSE for Finding information, Using Information, Sharing information, and Enjoying information.  Each strand has I-Can statements that are our goals for graduates.  We are still forming assessments and lessons, but the main core of the curriculum is now in place.  Each grade will be involved in four major units which are: Library Resources (learning the basics of how to use libraries, and how they are arranged) Research Skills, Technology Literacy (where students will learn how to use the information they find on their computers such as databases and kid's search engines to create new products using programs like Word, Pixie, Voicethread, Publisher, Mixbook, etc. PS This is one that I got to develop!! :) ) and Literature Appreciation (which is where students will learn how to enjoy books for lifelong learning from a variety of genres, and award winning books). I am very excited about this curriculum we have developed as it is going to allow for a lot of collaboration with our teachers, and it is going to truly make our students confident and capable learners prepared for the 21st century. Attached is the video we presented to the board, as well as a screenshot of our online curriculum (click here) so you can get a glance of how it appears to our parents and teachers. Enjoy!! :)
Well it has been a while since anything has been posted on here, but that is because we've been so busy learning cool stuff in library I haven't had the chance to sit down and write for a while.  We've been busy in the library, making books with Pixie, and learning about how to effectively research using kids search engines, and then evaluating the web sites we get to see which ones are good to use.  The upper grades are now learning how to use the databases like Culture Grams, and Kids InfoBits, and World Book Online to do research as well, and are then going to make a Mixbook out of what they are doing.  Kindergarten spent the day acting out the story of the Mitten by Jan Brett, and soon Kindergarten parents will be able to purchase a DVD of the 3 Piggy Opera and some other things their children have been up to.  So things are definitely busy in the library.  In a couple of weeks I will be presenting at METC and sharing some of my favorite tech tools that I love.  One of them is Google's customized search engine which allows students to search in Google, but in a special engine where I pick only the sites I want it to search from, which is awesome because this allows us to learn how to search in Google without all the ads and difficult websites, and gives the students less "extra" stuff to dig through to get to a useful result.  This is one I just finished which includes websites from famous kids authors.  Type in an author's name, and you should get their website as the first result if it is one I've included. Try it out and see what you think. (It's a work in progress, so if you have an author you think should be there please leave a comment and I'll consider adding it!)  Happy searching!!
Target Grant 10/20/2009
So a couple of weeks ago Target came to our building and they were able to deliver several books that they purchased for our library.  We were given $500 in books as a grant we received here at our school.  Target not only came and brought the books, but they also read some stories to our first graders and had a great time meeting our students who will get to enjoy the books.  So today's challenge....

If you were able to choose the books that you could buy with that money what would be one or two of your choices you think we should buy? Please leave a comment and share!! :)
This is the blog post which refers to the Mark Twain books for this year.  These can be found on the McKelvey Library page, via Missouri Award books button as well.  Here are the links to the online quizzes for this years nominees:

And here is our voicethread of the nominees.  You can make your comments after you have read the book, as well as see what others are saying about the book you read.
So which of the 10 nominees do you think will be this years winner? Which ones look the most interesting to read??
This week was a fun week in the library.  Amidst learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction- our students learned a little old fashioned fun... how to have an imagination.  We read this week about Pirates throughout most of the week. Students all got an education on how to talk like a Pirate.... not to mention what pirates were really like, learning about life long ago on the seas, and walking the plank. Our Kindergarten friends got an added bonus- they got to see a pirate come to class and read to them.  They were all good enough pirates at the end they got to pick a treasure from the treasure box and pet his talking parrot.  And miraculously, no one fell overboard or had to walk the plank.  Check out these little skally dogs with the Pirate: 
Needless to say.... a good time was had by all.  My only regret is that we didn't have more time to get to some piratey fun on the computers.  So if ye little seafarers should happen to get the hankerin', then by all means check out these links to all kinds of piratey fun!!

Welcome Back 08/29/2009
It's hard to believe we have already been back at school for 2 weeks already.  Time is going by quickly.  We have returned back into the swing of things, and begun the year with a great start.  We are beginning to settle into the library, and now know all about book care, and picking just right books, as well as how to find the different sections of the library and what the call numbers aka "address labels" mean.  This week will be practicing putting things into ABC order by using a variety of activities.  Some grades will be using CD-roms, some will be doing ordering activities on the smartboard, and some will be using other ways to show their understanding of this critical library concept!! To get you started with this, here is a short video about using ABC order.... (note if you can't see the video click this link:
Summer is Here 06/14/2009

Well summer is off and running.  Hopefully you are having a great time relaxing and having fun.  I haven't actually made it to the pool too much yet, as the weather has been really rainy, keeping the water COLD!!  Instead, I've spent a lot of my time learning new things for next school year.  I spent two days at a workshop about Understanding by Design.  I went to another workshop about using technology with Marzano's 9 strategies.  I learned some cool new stuff I can't wait to teach you next year!! :) I've also been busy teaching the computer class at summer school (which some of you know) We've been learning about how computers work, and using Word. We'll be learning all kinds of other cool stuff as well using Excel, Pixie, Voicethread, and fun Google tools like gmail, igoogle, google earth, and google lit trips.  We may even let some of our students make a web page using Weebly!! So what have you been doing this summer?  Are you going to go someplace fun and exciting?  Tell me about it here!! :)


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